Only compatibility issues with StarOS we have seen was with 2.4GHz and was
to do with long/short pre-amble however this issue has now been fixed. I
believe the next release of StarOS will also have the "Virtual AP" feature
so as long as you don't have to change too much too soon the software should
be ready for you.

One thing I would like to see is a straight comparison between Mikrotik
using N-Streme and StarOS as part of N-Streme is it's ability to poll. Of
course if you use N-Streme then you are stuck with having Mikrotik as both
AP and client but as normally install StarOS at the client site anyway. I
have heard 2 different views on polling with some saying that it overcomes
hidden node but impacts throughput and others saying that hidden node
doesn't really exist in 802.11a networks and collisions are overcome because
of the greater performance you can get without polling. I wish I had a spare
AP with 100 test clients so I could compare but I guess I'll just have to
hope enough people share there experiences with both technologies ;)



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The primary advise I'd add is, Test the various encryption compatibility 
betwee nTranzeo and StarOs, before getting to many clients on-net.
We found some compatibilities some CPEs and Star OS at a couple of our jobs.

It was a pain to experiement n a live network when we risked locking us out 
of the subscriber's CPE.  I really like the StarOS Menu Interface, because 
it is so easy and clear.  However one of the big reasons we chose Mikrotik 
for our standard for Wifi APs now is that the Mikrotik supported virtual 
APs, allowing us to setup multiple encryptions configurations at the same 
time, so it was easy to setup a test configuration and slowly move customers

over without risking downtime for the subscribers.

Also, to get top modulation, don't hesitate to add plenty of margin on the 
CPE antenna gain, good SNR is key to getting the high speeds of the higher 

The conversion should be a peice of cake for you because you are going from 
2.4G wifi to 5.8G wifi, and already aware of the Wifi limitation that  are 
shared between the two similar technologies.

Others have pointed out to me that disabling connection tracking on the AP, 
greatly increases throughput of the AP. We also found the WRAP board to be a

hardware limitation to increasing cellsite speeds.

5.8G isn't going to survice nearly as well as 2.4G will on links that you 
were pushing LOS and trying to power way through trees and foliage.
However, 5.8G has half the freznel zone height, so you don't have to be 
quite as high above the tree line as 2.4G to squeze in a link.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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> Hello all,
> I am getting ready to start migrating my higher end customers from 2.4Ghz 
> to 5.8Ghz radios.  I will be using Tranzeo CPEs and StarOS APs for this.
> My question: Is there anyone out there who has done this and has quite a 
> few people on 5ghz (802.11a based)?  I'm not talking about Canopy or 
> Trango, just 802.11a.
> I'd like to know what kind of speeds are deliverable, number of clients 
> per access point, preferred pricing plans for bandwidth and any snafus 
> that have come up.  I'm hoping to avoid snafus if possible by knowing as 
> much as I can before deploying.
> Right now we have about ten people on our system between three access 
> points and plan on migrating another 50 over.  The furthest person at 7 
> miles (using a 26db grid antenna), and I would like to cover a range of 4 
> to 8 miles per 5Ghz cell.
> Any input is appreciated.  I will make sure and submit the results of my 
> implementation project in another month or so.
> Matt Larsen
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