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With all the talk of various pros and cons of proprietary and non- networking solutions, I thought I'd mention that the CUWiN project has just released (as of yesterday) version 0.6.0 of our software. Yes, it's open source; yes, it's free (and always will be); and yes, it's mesh. This is _not_ v1.0 (i.e., it's not ready for use on your mission-critical infrastructure) -- but it is a non-proprietary solution that developers from around the globe are working on and that has the potential to significantly lower the cost of wireless broadband service provision. We're always interested in working with folks that want to help out with development and we're also very interested in getting feedback from anyone that wants to play around with the technology.

Over the next year we're planning to port the software to a consumer-grade device -- think (indoor) CPE of $30-50. And we're talking with folks about what the best device might be for this.

Intrigued? More info at:  www.cuwireless.net


P.S. The Second National Summit for Community Wireless Networks will be happening March 31-April 2nd in St. Louis. We haven't gotten the website fully updated yet, but you can catch a peek at: www.cuwireless.net/summit I'll be sending out an official invite soon, but if you want to register and reserve your spot, you can do there.

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