This document is for adding external connectors to a Trango 900AP. However, the same process applies to the 5830AP that use the same connectors.

The polarity of the internal connectors on the Trango 900 radios are as follows. The horrizontal is the top connector and the vertical is the bottom connector. The external connectors are the same configuration with horizontal on top. So likewise, when we modified 900 APs to have a second external connector we make the horzontal connector on top. So when changing polarity on the fly the original external port setting (e) is at vertical polarity, and the horizontal setting (h) is horizontal and the vertical setting (v) does not work.

We have determined N connectors will not fit anywhere in the casing, reliably. You nust use bulkhead RP/SMA "female" connectors in the case. The female connectors have the center pin but are still considered female because it has the threads on the outside of the connector. And the "male" has the threads inside the connector which screw around the female but has the "hole" for the internal pin to go into. Do not forget to get rubber gaskets and washers.

To create a proper hole in the casing, use metal drill bits that have a pilot point like the Dewalts. The best position to make the hole in the casing is at the same height front to back as the original hole, and at the top of the raised flat portion of the side of the case. Looking from the inside of the case the hole is as far up as possible, this will allow the inside connector bolt to rest on the edge of the casing and will not turn as you screw in the connector from the outside. Make sure the hole is low enough to the back of the case so the mainboard of the radio can lay flat. Start with 1/2 in and drill deep enough to accommodate one washer to sit flush with the surface. You must start with the larger bit to create the recessed portion of the connector otherwise the pilot point on the smaller bit will have nothing to guide it through the rest of the casing wall. Next use a 3/8 bit to drill out enough space to insert a gasket under the washer. Finally us a 17/64 bit to go all the way through the casing for the RP/SMA connector. After screwing in the connector dab some epoxy on the inside of the case around the connector to help hold and prevent spinning of the connector when attatching/unattaching external cables.

Make a pigtail 12 inches long. The cable can be run upward through a small cutout in the center support wall inside the case over the radio edge and back down to the internal antenna connector. The type of connectors use for the pigtail are male MCX plug connectors (inserts inside other connector and has a pin). The other connector is the RP/SMA Female bulkhead connector. The cable is Time Microwave LMR 100a coaxial cable.

Note, of course make the pigtail before fastening sma connector to case and postion connector so the mcx plug can plug into the motherboard without stressing the cable. It is easiest to tighten sma connectors useing one 8mm wrench and one 8mm socket. The connectors come in multile sizes and need to be matched to the cable type. After inserting the cable into MCX connector, a dab of solder is required. In order to crimp the pins on the SMA connector use a "xxx" size crimp tool.

The external cables should use Andrews CNT-240. Male N connector and Male RP-SMA. Suggest 3ft in length. The loos is only 7db per 100 feet 900Mhz. So 3ft, the cable will only have a loss of .23 db, almost negligible.

YEs, you will Void Warranty. But just in case, make sure to put the correct main board back into its same case, so that the MAC address listed on the outside sticker continues to match the MAC address embedded on the Mainboard Ethernet card.

Recommend Til Tek? 120 deg, 17 deg Vert Beam, 4 ft tall, Dual polarity, 11 dbi (9 dbd) 900Mhz Sector Antennas. Cost($800). Great Front to back 20 db. Good isolation on edges of beamwidth. @ 425 feet, recommend 9 deg Tilt. Must be precise.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc

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