Hey Kurt. I am curious. What are you soldering and why/purpose? Can't you get connectorized and attach an omni? Why solder?

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Maybe I am getting this wrong, but isn't Kurt just trying to do this https://www.lastmilegear.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=44&products_id=366
Basically modify Canopy?  What is so wrong with that?

Dawn wrote:


Asking this question is like asking "Where do I buy a 4 watt amp?"
If you are planning to do this then you should not be in this business
ALSO WISPA is not here to answer these kinds of questions. It gives all
Wireless Internet Providers a bad name.


Kurt Fankhauser wrote:

Anyone here have experience soldering connectors on to Motorola Canopy radio’s? I’d like to start doing my own soldering and can’t figure out where to solder the center conductor and grounds for these. There are 3 points where the integrated antenna attaches to the PCB and I’m pretty sure that the top solder point is the center conductor but I don’t know if the other two are for the ground or what.

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