The "unique connector" isn't required IF the equipment is intended for, marketed, and distributed to be installed by "professional installers" (who can be reasonably assumed to be able to do the math and not use an antenna which results in violation of Part-15 EIRP limits.)

"Unique connector" requirement was intended for consumer gear like Wi-Fi APs, wireless video cameras, etc. sold through the mass market. Completely ironic and ineffective; laughable even when you consider that you can get high-gain antennas for the Linksys AP "unique connectors" at Radio Shack.

I strongly prefer a good old reliable, sturdy easy-to-weatherproof Type N connector on outdoor gear.



On Jan 18, 2006, at 17:19, Tom DeReggi wrote:

Required for FCC reuirement of unique connector rule. PErsonally Ip refer them to stay as is with the connectors. That way they all stay the same and one cable to stock.

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