Get yourself some 7/8" heliax cable. It's all over the place for about $2 ft. You can get connectors on EBay for like $15-25 each. Given the distance, your filters, connectors, lightning arrestor and cables you should not see more than 3-4 dB. Of course that depends on whose filter you are using.....

Then 9dB antenna and you are rocking..I would not go over 9dB either. Not worth the extra 1 or 2 dB considering the size.


chris cooper wrote:

There are a couple reasons- The cable run is @ 57 meters max, 40 meters
with some really creative rope work.  Rural, rolling terrain, much
trees.  By the time you add the cable, la, filter, pigtail etc., I think
I need to make up as much loss as I can on the gain side.  We never
mount BS radios on towers anymore- don't like the exposure of waiting
around for ice to thaw, need for multiple people to climb/watch to
trouble shoot etc. Can you tell me what you mean by the pattern
shrinking to paper thin?  Of the 3 manufactures of H-pol omnis I looked
at, the vertical beamwidths run from 9.5-18 degrees.  If ground level is
915' and antenna is 120' AGL, then wont the beam be mighty wide by the
time it gets to horizon?
I could be completely ignorant here......


Why go higher then 9db? The pattern will shrink to paper thin
figuratively speaking. We have waaaaaaaay better luck with 9db or less
at 900mhz.


Wednesday, January 25, 2006, 10:04:54 PM, you wrote:

cic> Anybody know where i can find an H-pol 900 mhz omni w/ higer gain
than 9Db?
cic> thanks, cic> chris

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