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As far as I know the only certified combo's are Cisco w/ YDI antennas,
and even those are certified right down to the cable length, yes your
cable length has to be certain lengths in order to be legal. If you are
caught with an uncertified system the FCC can tell you to pull the plug,
and if you don't you can be fined. As far as I know there is no such
thing as a certified system using WRAP boards or Mikrotik Boards. If you
choose to ignore the rules be prepared for a visit from the FCC because
they can knock on your door any day.
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I am at my wits end. I have searched high and low for a mini-pci radio & sector antenna combo for an 802.11b AP that are legal under the current FCC rules, which by my interpretation are:

1. Total output is 36 dbm or less.

2.  Antenna characteristics must be the same as an antenna that has been

approved for use with that radio, where TYPE refers to antennas with SIMILAR in and out of band radiation patterns.

3.  Antenna gain must be equal to or less than the maximum the radio has

been approved to work with.

I can NOT find a radio that is approved for any antenna with real gain.

I don't want to mind just the SPIRIT of the law, but the law itself. What combos are you other guys who like building your own system. I want to put together a Mikrotik with 3 radios and sectors for an AP. The sectors I am looking at are:

Antenna Gain Width Pol WRW2400-VF/A/H 13dbi 120 H http://www.winncom.com/moreinfo/item/WRW2400-VF/A/H/index.html

DT-AN-24-120H-135        13.5    120    H

DT-AN-24-60120V-1521    15    120    V

HyperGainR HG2417P-120    17dbi    120    V

Teletronics                                19    120    H

Teletronics                                22    140    H

I am sorry if this table doesn't wrap well on some email clients. I am still looking for a 18 dbi HZ pol antenna with FCC certs because I think it can be used with a DT-RWZ-200mW-WC, although it is pcmcia and I'll have to figure out how to use it with a 500 series RB (Note, there are foreign antennas that have 18 dbi, but don't come with FCC certs; see my last post). As far as I can tell, the CM9's can't be used anywhere. Ideally, I would like to use the 22 dbi Teletronics in my application with a 14dbm radio for the greatest receive gain. Or at least a HZ polarized antenna with decent gain.

Anyway, can someone please help. I appreciate those of you who have helped me to even reach this point.

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