I think this is one of those weird things....

I have a stack of outdoor YDI's that I replaced with outdoor RF-Linx units. The RF-Linx units dropped my noise level by 5 db or better at every tower.

This swap was done in the spring of 2004. I still have a few of the YDI's left.... I ought to put them up for sale.... The YDI's are all 2001 or so vintage.

As they say, your mileage may vary....

Matt Larsen - Lists wrote:

Hello all,

Thought I'd share a bit of real world experience with the listers regarding amplifiers. We recently replaced three RF Linx amplifiers (indoor, 2.4Ghz, the non-tunable units) with three used YDI (Breezecom labeled) amplifiers. The difference was significant. Signal strength on customer radios increased by about 3db and the noise floor dropped by another 3 to 5db. Performance on those access points also improved considerably, and several previously marginal connections got a lot better. One sight is even showing -72 signal from a Tranzeo 80-15 at 13 miles.
FWIW, these RF Linx amps are an older model (vintage winter 2002).

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