The yagi looking thing is for channels above 12 (UHV) and the thing with the elements is for channels 2-12 (VHF)


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To demure, aren't off-air TV antennas a combination of yagi and log-periodic, forming a broadband multi-element device.  A hybrid of sorts??

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>There is no physics to back up that using a directed television yagi
>antenna would be a bad thing. With that said I do not think using
>existing TV antennas would be very practical. The 75 ohm impedance for
>a 50 ohm radio is a problem. This would require a 50 to 75 ohm balun
>connector at the radio to make it work. Existing television yagi
>antennas will easily transmit as well as receive within the television
>band without any noise problems. If you ever used an old television
>tower rotor you know the antennas are fairly directive in nature. I
>would likely always install my own antenna unless the customer just
>happened to have a great outdoor setup in place. I would not like to
>have customers complaining that they lost their Internet when someone in
>the house turned the rotor.
>Tom DeReggi wrote:
>>> AND many homes already
>> have the antennas we need installed!!!!
>> Don't forget, TV was a broadcast technology, withthe antenna's
>> puirpose to receive only.
>> Not sure I'd want to use those existing TV antenna, for transmitting.
>> Talk about creating noise in the spectrum.
>> Tom DeReggi
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>>> Hi All,
>>> You may be interested in this.
>>> First article, click on the
>>> word "here". It's in word format.
>>> I think this is something that we need to be working on. WISPA is to
>>> some extent, but it's a big issue against powerful opponents and
>>> those working on this issue are already time crunched big time.
>>> Please be aware, if we can get TV bands or even TV band white spaces
>>> opened up we'll have tree and house penetration abilities. AND many
>>> homes already have the antennas we need installed!!!!
>>> This may well be the biggest issue for the wisp industry since
>>> unlicensed in the first place.
>>> laters,
>>> Marlon
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