This will be the first of this particular setup. However, I have used the following setups in outdoor environments, with little or no temperature control (NEMA boxes):

1)  VIA EPIA motherboards (with fans)
2)  ATX formfactor motherboards (with 400mhz to 800mhz CPUs)

I have one site that has a fancy enclosure with a heater and external fan. All of my other ones are just plain NEMA boxes.

ONE caveat - most of these are in locations where there is no tower climbing involved. They are either at ground level or on a site where I don't have to get a tower crew (grain elevator or hilltop) to get to the units.

Matt Lrasen

Chadd Thompson wrote:


        Thanks for the information. Have you used this sort of setup in an
outdoor environment? If so did you have to control the temp for it to work


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Here is an example:

Here is the list of parts.
*BIOSTAR M7VIZ Socket A (Socket 462) VIA KM400 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
- Retail   *  *        $46.49*

*AMD Sempron 2200+ Thoroughbred 333MHz FSB 256KB L2 Cache Socket A
Processor - Retail  *  *$78.99*

*Rosewill 256MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 333 (PC 2700) System
Memory - Retail*       *$24.30*

*PW-60A 100W 12V DC-DC ATX Converter     *

*Total Cost (minus DOM)

After you add miniPCI adapters, it is about the cost of a WAR board, but
with a lot more processing power.

Matt Larsen


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