Mark wrote:

I honestly am beginning to question my move into the WISP business... seems
there's hardly a soul out there that sees danger in jumping on the "regulate
me and give me money" bandwagon...

This bandwagon is being built without your input because you will not participate. The regulation of any communications industry is inevitable in this country. The Part-15 rules that govern the use of spectrum are in fact regulations. The "Part" is referring to Part-15 of the Code of Federal Regulations if memory serves me. You cannot hide from regulation. It will not go away. The best you can do is steer the people who make the regulations to do the right thing whenever possible.

The regulators will not serve your needs exclusively as that is not their job. Public officials are supposed to do their best to support the public good and will do whatever they see fit to do so. This includes monitoring the growth and access to broadband across the country, setting rules and regulations to govern communications, imposing taxes when they see fit, enforcing rules and regulations, establishing funding opportunities for infrastructure build-out, leveling the economic models of rural verses metro broadband access. You cannot start a lobbying organization to help structure the direction of your industry and then ask those you are lobbying to just ignore you and leave you alone. It is not the way the world works. Like it or not, you are regulated now and have been all along.

As far as funding is concerned there is money available. People are getting it. You can too if you ask for it. The money is going to go to somebody. It might as well be you.

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