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Up her in Ontario Canada, Bell by law puts a "network" charge on "rural" phone accounts which they keep. The purpose  of this money is to assist them to  expand  broadband into rural communities. Now I have supplied  broadband  to some of this community, but the charges remain.
Now that is a good law. :-(

Last time I checked the name and address of the person being surveyed was confidential. Purpose of the form should be simply.
Do we have enough WISP's of "x" size to warrant putting aside spectrum for Wisp use, you know like tv spectrum was put aside and today is not used. Do Ham operators deliver all their daily dx'ing?
So lobby to have the form changed.
I knew this was coming, when in the last century, while I was "surfing" with my new 14.4 US Robotics modem, because a US gent asked me, who owned the internet, and he could not grasp the fact that nobody did.
I as an ISP own/rent/lease a portal to this Internet. People pay me a small fee to have access to this internet through my portal. period. Why must I be regulated?
You know communism must be alive and well, because in a capitalistic society the almighty dollar/euro/pound/buck rules supreme.

Time to stop for me because I came to North America for my freedom, you people are showing me another way to restrict people's movements

You have a Good Day now,

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While I can appreciate the perspective that you are coming from in your
desire to not fill out the Form 477, I think you are completely off base.

This is an information gathering form, not an invitation to regulation.
Government needs information to put together policy.  If we can't document
that our industry is making some kind of impact on the digital divide and
building something of value to the public, then how can we expect to get
more spectrum?  This is the closest thing to a census for our industry.
census numbers are used to develop policy, define failure or success and
attack or defend positions.

When they ask you for your customer's address and IP numbers, what will you

If you think that changing the name of the kind of service you offer and
pretending to be ignorant of the need to fill this form out is going to be
the best way for you to proceed, then you might want to consider
to Montana.  There is a well established community there that doesn't
believe in paying taxes, hoards guns and practices all kinds of
anti-establishment activities.  You can probably get a great deal on T.
Kaczynski's cabin out there.

If we are going to pick a fight with the administration, lets do it over
something meaningful - not a frickin informational form!

We as a country used to have spine.

I see we're just lemmings.

Still, I'm going to avoid that cliff at all costs.

You don't consider this "meaningful"?   What the  bloody heck does it have
to be?   A nuclear bomb?   That would be slightly less attention-getting to

Matt, there is ONE and precisely ONE reason alone in this whole freaking
REGULATION!!!!   We have no other inherent advantage, and a mountain of
disadvantages, that do not outweigh this one absolutely indispensibly
important factor... we have freedom to do our thing.   We can exist, we can
compete, we can outmove, out think, out wit, and out smart our industry
competitors, and there is ONE overriding factor..  Our freedom to do
business unimpeded.

If our message isn't that, from day one, from word one, from point 1, from
bullet #1 on the powerpoint, from flyer one, from filing one, from lobbying
letter one, we've entirely missed the point.

If we lose that, we've lost everything worth fighting for.

I don't know what this has to do with cabins in Montana, or the nutcases who
try to form thier own country, or whomever you're talking about...  I'm
talking about THE SINGLE FACTOR that lets me be in business, and you're
sounding like you think I'm clueless here...   This is self-preservation,
and it's about all of us.   I didn't realize you people did not think this
way.   I didn't realize YOU DIDN"T REALIZE IT.    I can freaking live
without more spectrum, without USF dollars, without more power or higher
EIRP limits or a million other regulatory goodies.    Not as well, but I can
live.   I can't live if I don't have that one golden factor - freedom to
operate unhindered by mandates, regulations, etc.   Our efforts in
Washington are nothing but academics, or feel-good politics, if we do not
stress that ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS... And never give in, that our freedom is
not up for negotiation,  not for discussion, not for dilution, and certainly
not to be trusted to the good intentions of any agency.

Powell recognized and spoke to it, all of us talk about it regularly and
sort of off-hand in our discussions of the pains and agony to be a CLEC, the
sudden and near cataclysmic disruptions of the CLEC business world by small
court decisions.    Inherently, I hope we ALL grasp this one thing...  That
our lack of regulatory intervention is pretty much the one thing this
industry cannot even exist without.   That doesn't mean that everyone seems
to be focused on it, however.   It seems we lose sight of this rather fast,
when a carrot of a few federal dollars swings by.   I've been in the "want
to be on my own and in my own business" mode for well more than a decade.
The #1 factor was freedom to do as I saw fit.

You're all acting as if this is just my political alter ego talking.   Heck
no, this is my business radar, the one that goes off like a nuclear bomb
everytime I start seeing people wanting or even expecting the only thing
that makes what i want to do possible to just go away, and act like it's
inevitable.   Yeah, I'm a political junkie, no problem admitting that, but
this is purely about business self-preservation.   I don't have to be
ideological, I only have to be practical.   The day the feds come to us and
say "You can continue doing what you do, but only if you....(insert whatever
here), is the day we're all dead.   John, Matt, Mark, Marlon, Richard,
Shannon, Victoria, Johnny, Kurt, etc, etc, etc.   On that day, we're toast.
We might hang on a bit longer, but its like the old scene of the condemned
man on his way to old sparky...and his trip there is accompanied by the
chant of "Dead man walking".

Is that day inevitable?   Heck, I don't know.   Death is inevitable, but I
intend to delay it with everything I have to use, not just walk off a cliff

Does the FCC believe that provision of broadband connectivity serves the
public welfare, and they should promote it?   At least rhetorically, yes.
And we should, above all things, make it crystal clear that we can exist
ONLY so long as we enjoy and excercise our "lack of regulatory controls"
freedom.  And no, I don't mean breaking laws, I mean just freedom to conduct
business inhindered.  If we don't do that, and demonstrate that kind of
consistent theme, what have we done?   Shot ourselves in the foot.

So, when it comes to an "informational form", yes, it IS that important.
So long as we c an deny them the knowledgte, they have less means of taking
our freedom.   Can we help them do thier job, as they see it to be?   Yes.
Do they need to know the scope and size of the industry we have?   Probably
so.   Do they need our names, addresses, zip codes, and how many individuals
we have in each, reported 2X a year?  Heck no.   They have no need of my
name and address and business name, and how far or wide I service.   That
information is only needed for ONE purpose... Control.  Am I ready to cede
that one absolutely vital bit of my future life, to the whims of a
government agency whos existence has been nothing BUT one of control?   HELL

Don't you get it?   Spend a couple whole evenings, like I did, reading the
filings from various industry players, on various topics.   The big players
do not just 'cede' thier cherished things by rolling over like a worm.  They
fight.   Thier rhetoric is harsh,  demanding,  commanding.  They speak big
and  bold and not wimpy or accomodating.   And theyh don't stop fighting
even if they have appeared to have lost.   We should learn from that.  We
have something vital to us, let's be as defensive of it as we need to be to
prove we believe it vital, and maybe, just maybe, they'll actually believe
it.  Unless of course, we don't believe it... In which case, this debate
needs to be had right now, not a moment later.

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