On Sat, 2006-02-04 at 15:53 -0500, Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
Lets exaggerate here.  I can plug a billion amps in and it will only 
draw what it wants, but if I go a volt or two over it fries.

Chuckk wrote:

> Over voltage will kill the radio or board current is only drawn as 
> needed.
> Chuckk
> Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
>> It's not actually mine.  It's another's from the list.  We were 
>> talking about it.  But I am sure that on my 230 ft run of cat 5 that 
>> I had to replace an 18v 1a with an 18v 2a to get the radio to stop 
>> rebooting.  The individual I was talking to thought if you up the 
>> amps it will kill the radio.  I thought if you up the volts it kills 
>> the radio.  Who is right?
>> Well, actually I know what the cat 5 is.  It's comscope 25 pair.
>> Which brings up another question.  Who does this?  Run a single 
>> bundle of 25 pair up towers and use punch down blocks.  Any issues 
>> with this?
>> Brian
>> Sean S gayle wrote:
>>> Brian,
>>>   I'm normally a lurker, but maybe your problem is in the 300' run 
>>> of CAT5.
>>> What kind is it?  You may be getting signal degradation which is 
>>> causing the
>>> sporadic radio behavior.
>>> Sean
>>> JohnnyO's evil twin
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>>> I'm a little confused here.  I'm working on a 300 ft run of cat5 and 
>>> have a question.  The radio is acting sparatic.  The power supply 
>>> has already been upped from a 18v to a 24v.  Both 1 amp.  Will it 
>>> hurt to put a 24v 2 amp power supply in?  If I "over do" on amps or 
>>> volts, what blows a radio.  One or both?  I seem to remember being 
>>> told that a radio only takes what amps it needs, so putting a higher 
>>> amp power supply in won't hurt, but if you put too many volts in, 
>>> that will fry them.  Please clarify me on this.

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