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 It is the NATURE OF
GOVERNMENT REGULATION TO HARM BUSINESS.    They regulate for political
This is not based in fact. The role of government is to serve the interests of the people. It is not necessarily to serve the interests of one business sector over another or even to serve the needs of business as a whole. The government has always played a role in communications. The Internet was created by government programs to build ARPANET and DARPANET which later became the Internet. It was government's role that led to the open use of the Internet for private as well as public use. This was Al Gore's contribution to the Internet.

Much of the radio technology we use was created from tax based government programs to build advanced microwave data solutions for our military and NASA. These are all government supported programs that helped you personally to be in business today. The FCC passed rules allowing for large chunks of spectrum to be made available in unlicensed fashion ultimately creating our industry.

Let's stop the government bashing now. I am not going to stand here and watch as people tell half truths about the role government has played in this industry. This Internet itself would not exist without the work that has been done by our government. Let's get on track here and start either itemizing details you want to see changed in the form or move on to other issues. I am not going to change my mind in feeling it is paramount for our effort that we fill out these forms and stop suggesting any impropriety, either imagined or real, in the present or future intentions of the FCC regarding this information gathering.

I don't care what the "intent" is, that is
irrelevant.  It's what it can be used for that matters, because they WILL
use it for that, history has made this as clear as sunrise in the desert.

History has shown that the US helps build an environment that will inevitably lead to new innovations and technologies. Government does have a role in this and will not be stepping aside any time soon. Again, the government bashing needs to end now. If you are that upset with how the system is being run then you really do need to get involved in politics and start making change.

Wrong.   We don't want "The hammer" coming to smash us.   Giving them that
much knowledge is fatal.  period.  Doesn't matter if that's not what they
want it for, doesn't matter if the knowledge itself will "give" us other
things.   They will take far more than they give - that is indisputable.
Again, you assume the worst. If your representation is not assuming "evil" intentions then it is simply that you do not want to use that adjective but any other synonym saying the same thing.

We have the history of every industry that becomes regulated.   Eventually,
it evolves to one or a few monopolies.   And it took how many years of
lawsuits to break up Ma Bell?   Gee, ISP's fought tooth and nail to get
UNE's and then lost it in a court fight.
UNE's represent a flaw in the '96 telcom act. I would not like being told I had to give you access to my network either. I am not defending the ILECs per se'. I do understand why this went the way it did though. That does not mean I have to like it. It just means that there were reasons why it went the way it did and they were not necessarily based in monopoly interests of government.

in my own initiative and creativity, but at the whims of someone I granted
power over me.
Guess what. If you do not have those fears every day with the market forces at work against you then you are just fooling yourself anyway. If you are not building a business you can gladly acknowledge to the FCC and any other government entity then you probably need to start looking for another line of work. The future is going to be tougher for making a business case and turning a profit in this business. It is not the FCC who is making it harder. It is the total inertia of efforts from all directions attempting to force a new revolution of broadband ubiquity by any means available all around us. If you are not selling low priced broadband to everyone around you now then someone is trying to figure out how to do it right now. This could be the local municipality, economic development commission, state, other providers, electrical utilities, cell carriers, you name it. The rural electric cooperatives around me are doing a study to build broadband now. You have more people looking to take business from you than the government. The FCC is likely the lowest priority threat you have right now concerning the future of your business..

If the hammer comes to smash us, certainly not.   We won't even exist, and
we, the operators, and our customers, will be the only mourners.
Please define what the "hammer" is and how filling out the form is somehow going to unleash the "hammer". I am reading your thoughts and wonder what transgression the government has wrought on you to give you such animosity. I hope you are wrong because if the world is as twisted as you portray then I would need to consider joining the Amish religion. I could not stay in this society if I felt the way you do towards our own government.

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