Scott Reed wrote:

> <font size="2">I must be missing something in this discussion.  I tell the
> FCC I have x customers in y zip codes and what percentage is wireless,
> what percentage is wired.
> <br />
> <br />Many have posted more company confidential information that on this
> and other forums.

Anyone who's working their local media like they should is probably
putting out the occasional press release that'll have a fairly close
approximation of "how many customers you have, and where you offer
service." (I assume you're putting out press releases every so often,
because, hell, free advertising.)

As near as I can tell, a few folks out there (okay, just the one, so far
as I can tell) think that the FCC is requesting this information as a
first step towards, well, something nefarious but nobody's sure what.

If that one guy is right, he'll have free license to make "I told you so"
the last post on this mailing list before I pull the plug. If not, we'll
just keep making tinfoil hat jokes.

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