Personally....I think the biggest fear is filing a report, showing up on the radar screen, and having "big brother" come out to your place "for a look". And considering the amount of non-compliant type accepted systems out there.....I can see their point. And don't think there aren't people out there that can make that happen....

The other issue is...OK. I file this form which gives you (the Commission) info which allows you to go back to Congress and say "Look....See all the new broadband connections that were made last year. We are doing a really good job over here at the FCC." and it looks like they are making great strides in reaching "rural broadband" as required by our great leader. And then they say to Congress "Now how about approving my budget increase so I can do it again next year??"

But what do I get??? More paperwork to file?? What/Where are my benefits?? I don't get any protection. I don't get any subsidies to fund my system buildout. I can't file for any grants because there aren't any in my great metropolis. I can't get licensed spectrum because they auction off every piece of virgin spectrum that comes along. So...What's in it for me??

I'm probably not going to see the new 3.6 spectrum......Surely not if Motorola and Alvarion have anything to say about it. Or, that is, unless I come up with a poopload of money for the auction and can outbid the likes of Nextel and Verizon here in NY. And that's not happening...

And white space TV spectrum is all but dead until 2009 or later so that's a dead issue.

So what is in it for me???  And you???

The last thing I wonder is what can they do to you if you don't file??? Can they levy fines??? They surely won't throw ya in jail because then your system would be off the air and they couldn't count on your subscribers next year in their report. Under normal situations they would have a license to go after, but I don't have one of those. :-) I'm exempt.

Personally...I could care less. If they want the info they can have it. I have nothing to hide.

I would just like to get a little something in return as one of the little guys that holds this country together.


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