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We suffered a direct lightening strike on our NOC tower Friday evening that knocked our entire network down for 15 hours. It fried everything on our main tower leaving nothing but a pile of charred chunks. It also got our 2 managed switches, Sharons workstation, my workstation and a switch in the house as well as our VoIP phones in the house. We re-rigged the tower and had everyone in N Louisiana back up by Saturday at 3:00pm, but I am running on two POS switches in the NOC and desperately need a good managed switch like a Cisco 3500 series. If any of you have one you would be willing to part with - -shoot me your best offer - - - - or if you know where I can find a good refurbed unit at a nice price would be good as well.

The switch in the house was on my desk and when that bolt of lightening hit a ball of fire rolled out of the switch with a loud POP and went across the room. Sharon let a scream and I let out something that was not as loud as a scream, but smelled much worse!!! It was really weird as the fire went across the room before the boom from the lightening. I am thankful we had enough extra Trango and Tranzeo gear to get us back up after such a lethal hit. It could have been worse - - it could have taken out my servers. I will tell you all that if you dont have ethernet surge protection in place - - - you better get it as I would be SOL had it traveled any deeper into my NOC!


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