Thank you for the response.  I am  hoping that everyone including myself will 
pony up be a paid member.

My issue is simply not having the time.  Installer,CEO,support, tower engineer, 
and I am sure you know the rest.

I know we all work but is there anyone out there with some free time to give us 
all a call and make us pay.  That would work for me because then it is in my 

Furthermore can you direct us all to the mission of WISPA and what we are doing 
along with what we could possibly help with.  I think that involvement would 
bring in the bucks and to tell you the truth a face to face meeting once a year 
will not hurt.  We can all turn off the support calls and cross our fingers 
hoping nothing breaks while we are gone.


Quoting John Scrivner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Rudy Worrell wrote:
> >I don't have the answers but we should now think of a few things that come
> >to mind as we move forward.
> >
> >1.) Security to this list (my customers can join along with anyone else)
> >  
> >
> Paid WISPA Principle Members have a members only list server called 
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] It is not open to anyone other than paid WISPA Principle 
> Members. We keep this list open to the public to 
> attract new membership by allowing them to see what we are working on to 
> some degree. Issues we do not want exposed to outside world are 
> generally discussed in the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list server. So the long and 
> short of it is this, we plan to leave this list open for now and keep 
> the paid membership list for members only. 
> >2.) Frequent meetings
> >  
> >
> The board meets via IRC at least once a month. In person meetings are 
> not feasible with only 47 paid members. We do have some in person 
> meetings of members at the FCC headquarters when they meet to discuss 
> issues with FCC regarding our industry. I would like to see us do this 
> more. It takes money. I would like to have at least one nice formal 
> meeting a year with all members and we may do this at some point. It is 
> common for WISPA members to arrange to meet at shows and such. Until we 
> get more than 47 paid members it is unlikely WISPA will be hosting many 
> in person meeting events.
> >3.) We need formality and a great deal of lobbying for WISP.
> >  
> >
> Lobbying can be extremely expensive. The costs for what work we have 
> done at the FCC and Senate have largely been subsidized out of pocket by 
> members who want to help. We need more members in this organization. 
> Paid members that is. If you or anyone you know has not paid your dues 
> then fill out the form at and we will get you 
> invoiced for your dues and set you up in WISPA. Good post, Rudy.
> Scriv
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