The gigabit wireless products are not UNII. They are unlicensed 60 Ghz and licensed 70 to 90 Ghz millimeter wave band radios. I have not used these but others have with success. Some common brands are:
This is comparable to Free Space Optics in that there are some times when the weather can effect the service. It is also a shorter range solution in comparison to some other point to point wireless solutions in other bands. You should approach these manufacturers for more details about these products and their advantages and disadvantages over fiber solutions. You may find some applications were fiber is superior in performance and price.

The fastest UNII solution I have seen was the 300 megabit Orthogon solution. It comes highly regarded by several who have deployed it successfully. It is not effected by weather as much and can cover longer distances albeit with less throughput.

robert maier wrote:

Hello everyone
Has anybody used any gigabit wireless products for a customer, and if so what brand did you go with. Can you tell me some details of the link itself and ease of install, I'am assuming this is UNII Band Please contact offlist at Rob Maier
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