Ok...Here is a quote from the story......

WASHINGTON-President Bush, facing a huge budget deficit, today proposed squeezing more money from the nation's airwaves by supporting legislative changes that would allow the Federal Communications Commission to set "user fees" on "un-auctioned" radio spectrum.

It says "user fees" on "un-auctioned radio spectrum"

Granted the press might have mis-stated the story but it reads pretty clear to me. Part 15 is "un-auctioned" spectrum. And considering we "use" the spectrum, who wouuld pay the "user" fees??

And the heading of the story specifically states "unlicensed spectrum".

Soooo......I am open to suggestions. Personally....I am tired of paying money for everything and getting nothing in return. But I'm a team player so lead on....


John Scrivner wrote:

If I read this right it does not specifically mention unlicensed spectrum but does refer to spectrum not already auctioned which could mean whitespace. We probably have a chance to spin this to our advantage unless you guys all would rather just bitch and moan.

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