Why would we want to have future bands hindered by bad policy? It will not be just new entrants who use it. It will more likely be existing WISPs who jump to gain better spectrum to add onto the systems they already have. I say we ask for existing bands which are unlicensed to be left free and unlicensed. New bands should be available with a user fee to allow for a simple way to license the use of the frequencies without having to go to an auction highest bidder system as has happened in the past. Good spectrum policy will inevitably help WISPs and anyone else who has a desire to make use of spectrum and maintain some protections.

Tom DeReggi wrote:

Be aware that WISP's businesses will retain the largest value, if further spectrum is NOT allocated. When their is a shortage, our preferred early entry into the game to more advantageously get away using the existing spectrum, makes our assets more valuable. Better spectrum protection in future spectrum allocations, means new entrants into the industry will have a strategic advantage over existing WISPs that have invested and deployed. I highly recommend that future allocations of similar spectrum are NOT delivered in a way more advantageous than the existing rules of unlicensed spectrum ranges. Allthough, that opinion may hinder growth of the industry, it protects the companies that have built this indutry to what it is today.

Tom DeReggi
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This sounds allot like what Mark K was talking about. WISPA needs to find out what the deal is and (imo) fight <any> taxing on license free bands. P-15 spectrum built the wisp industry as it is today and people need it so it can build the next wave of wispdom. Taxes will make R&D money dry up and any end products that do make it cost more. More/New taxes = more/new book keeping = higher cost of operations = higher price for products. A new spectrum (5.4ghz?) with taxes setup on it from the get go and other features (first rights, limited camping, and higher erip) would be very nice. I would be willing to pay for such but not on current spectrum, its just to
clogged up with so much consumer hardware.

Jeromie Reeves

Mac Dearman wrote:

 I say whoooa mule!

I think before we jump the gun we ought to see what lies ahead of us. If they plan on taxing the free spectrum it will have to be done at the manufacturers level. There is no way to tax us per device and if we are taxed "per user" - - - then we will just pass that on to the end user. Ultimately all taxes will have to be passed down to the end user - it always has been - - -it always will be. I dont mind paying the taxes, its all that damn collecting and book keeping I hate. It seems that Uncle Sams money always get intermingled with mine and then I try to find ways to keep it :-) From what I have read earlier today its not a done deal ad its just talk at this time. We do need to keep our ears to the ground and our eyes open though and if we can lead the horse rather than eat dust from the Cavalry ahead of us would be a choice place to be.

Mac Dearman
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John Scrivner wrote:

How about if we propose to the Congress that they allow a per base station license to be paid annually for broadband use that gives first in rights to those who launch broadband in a given geography in the channel registered for each base station? Then everyone would have the ability to have access to spectrum with some rights to prevent interference and have something that investors could be comfortable with investing in. This would eliminate the spectrum class split we have now where some have rights of licensed use and others (like us) cannot play in the game without using spectrum with no spectrum rights (unlicensed). The government could have the revenues they demand which they normally get from auctions which I oppose due to the inability for smaller operators to have a chance to buy in.
Just a thought.

Rudy Worrell wrote:

Time to organize troops... Nuff said!

Who's got lead?

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Now we know why they want the 477 forms.....

Brian Webster wrote:

Well, it does not surprise me that the government has decided to tax the unlicensed spectrum. Today the Bush administration announced a plan to tax Wi-Fi and other unlicensed spectrum. It is not clear how they will do it


but the process is in motion. That's the bad news, the good news is they reached agreement on the 5.4 GHz spectrum and that should become available
once equipment gets certified. Check the RCR news site for the full


Oh well, I suspected that it would not last forever the truly free use of
the spectrum.


Thank You,
Brian Webster
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