Don't really think this list is the place for that debate.....

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Goverment should lower taxes.  They would have more money.

Peter R. wrote:

Certainly, none of you should be surprised by this.
He has to make up for a $1T short-fall at the same time Congress is trying to repeal the 3% Excise tax levied in the 1800s.
All other forms of transport are taxed including cellular.

Wait. DIDs for VOIP will be taxed before 3Q06. Too much money is going untaxed. Federal, state, and local governments are scrambling to make up the shortfalls. IPTV, VOIP, state-wide franchises, lower monthly phone bills, disappearing LD charges, untaxed internet sales, untaxed internet access -- it has to come from somewhere.

But it smart to get in front of this and ask for something in return.


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