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> Certainly, none of you should be surprised by this.
> He has to make up for a $1T short-fall at the same time Congress is
> trying to repeal the 3% Excise tax levied in the 1800s.
> All other forms of transport are taxed including cellular.
> Wait. DIDs for VOIP will be taxed before 3Q06. Too much money is going
> untaxed. Federal, state, and local governments are scrambling to make up
> the shortfalls. IPTV, VOIP, state-wide franchises, lower monthly phone
> bills, disappearing LD charges, untaxed internet sales, untaxed internet
> access -- it has to come from somewhere.

No, it doesn't.   I suggest an amazingly novel idea.

They just do without.

If that catches on, it could be revolutionary :)

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