Only Atheros 5004 and higher chipset is capable of this mode. 
So you will need a 5213 or newer card. Your 5212 and 5211 cards can not do
Also the 5004 (4th Gen Atheros) that uses the AR5213 chip can be set to
transmit on 5 or 10Mhz only frequency BUT it still listens to the entire
normal channel space. 
The 5006 (6th Gen Atheros) is not doing this and when you set it to transmit
at 5MHz for example it will only listen on that 5Mhz. 
But even if it listens in the entire space you can still get big advantage
out of this functionality but to really take advantage of this you will need
to use a 6th Gen Atheros chip. 
We are getting in some 6th Gen atheros cards that I'm excited to test out
hopefully we should have them in a week or so. 
One problem with the 6th Gen cards is that madwifi drivers today don't
support these cards but software such as MikroTik, StarOS and IkarusOS seems
to properly support these cards. 

/ Eje
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> Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 23:37
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> Subject: [WISPA] Mikrotik and 5 & 10 Mhz
> I just installed the new 2.9.12 packages and noticed an issue with the
> ability to use the 5 and 10 mhz option. I have two sets of cards in the
> machines:
> (Atheros AR5212) & (Atheros AR5213) - The AR5213 shows the options to use
> 5
> & 10 mhz however my AR5212 cards do not have this option? Is there a
> reason
> the 5212's do not have that option?
> Thanks,
> John
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