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For clarification, the LMR400 cable was 140 feet and was the only cable that connected the analyzer to the antenna.


I am familiar with the IDU and ODU configuration of the Redline equipment.


This test was to see what 5.8 RF was present. The customer plans to deploy a series of P2P and P2Mp radios in the same coverage area as two other towers that have 5.8 deployed.

My climber was familiar with the other tower locations, and wanted to ‘prove’ other RF was in the same area, and that the Redline P2Mp has the potential to affect these other towers adversely.


Though I have not seen their conclusion, I am not confident in their methods; and the fact that I believe they just want to install. Once they are functional, they are ‘outta here.’ Then, the customer will be left to mitigate any issues that could easily be avoided, or minimized, by using other frequencies. This is a public safety entity and should be using the 4.9Ghz frequency, but I think Redline has this project wrapped up and since they don’t make 4.9Ghz equipment, they are ‘forcing’ the 5.8Ghz and are resisting my ideas tooth and nail.


Why create a potential for problems when you know it can be avoided…That the government though! J


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