I understand you comments and totally agree.

They have been informed that any analysis is just a 'snapshot' of the
conditions at the time takes. Just like a picture from a camera.

Thanks again,

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Cliff Leboeuf wrote:

>Dustin, thanks for the encouraging support of my efforts. 
>Since we have been hired for part of this project, I believe it is my
>RESPONSIBILITY to point out any known issues to the customer; and, it
>my responsibility to back up my concerns with hard date, not just 'my
>feelings.' In the event that the data doesn't show what I know to be in
>the area, I will at lease be on record for making them aware of other
>5Ghz RF in the overlapping areas.
>I am interested in any information that you are willing to supply for
>Again, thanks for all of the feedback and discussion in my topic.
>- Cliff

I can appreciate that you want to give your customer hard data. That is 
understandable. But you also need to have a list of conditions and 
presumptions as well as exceptions.

Make sure the customer understands that the spectrum analysis is only 
good for the date it was taken and does not guarantee interference free 
operation in the future. The last thing you need is to have the customer

pay you to do an analysis today and deploy 90 days from now only to find


Otherwise...good luck with your customer.


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