I currently have several Pac Wireless 5.8ghz 2ft dishes running at 5.3ghz with no packet loss. Granted, the RSSI is 1-2db higher than it should be, but they do work.


Tom DeReggi wrote:


While I haven't done any current work with the 2 foot Gabriel professional series I've been hearing enough good stuff about it that I ordered one to
play with and see if it worth deploying.

So far I like the Gabriel antennas. However, I am starting to see a pattern where the various radios perform better on 5.3Ghz than on 5.8Ghz when using the Gabriel Dual Freq (5.3-5.8) antenna. (from a packet loss perspective not a RSSI perspective). I believe that this is totally coincidental, and a result that the 5.3G spectrum is VERY clean, and the 5.8Ghz spectrum is VERY noisy. However, how do I know that for sure? I can't just assume, that its the radios' fault or the noise floor. I have two sites using the Gabriels, both tested with Trango and Mikrotik. Next week, I am going to swap the antenna, with a PacWireless (5.8G only) 2 footer, just to confirm for sure, that the Gabriel (Dual Freq model) performs equivellently. It is a possibilty that the antenna feed is optimized for 5.3 and causing some issues at 5.8G. With Pack wireless they make seperate antennas for 5.8G and 5.3G, and if you mismatch them with the other Freq, you get a few percent packet loss, that can't be gotten rid of.

I have no evidense, that the Gabriel is working anything but perfectly. But its worth proving since its a new product for me that I plan to use a lot more of. I'd be interested in what you find, and whether you find that it works optimally for 5.8Ghz.

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