This is something I have never seen before. Thanks for this tip. Is there any place you know of that can tell us more about the syntax of scripts like this so we can all become more knowledgeable about setting them up with different criteria? I think this is a very useful tool. I have had many situations where I needed to run through a block of addresses to see what was in use. This is going to be a nice simple way to check this from now on for me.
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Travis Johnson wrote:

In a DOS window, you can do:

for /L %x in (1,1,254) do @ping 192.168.1.%x -w 100 -n 1 | find "Reply from"


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Is there a program out there that will work on windows to ping addresses? I hung a Trango AP and don't know it's IP address. Any way to get it? I think I know what range it's on, but that is a lot of addresses to ping. Any program that will do this?

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