I am moving to 900, that is a lot of cash to change em all out. I'm looking for a "quick fix" to stabilize the majority of them.

Mike Bushard, Jr wrote:

For 3 Radios:

For single Radio:

I never hooked up a customer if they were not at 11meg, anytime I tried the
performance was terrible.
Maybe you need to look at 900Mhz for some of those subs?

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Here is what I use.

I have three mounted back to back on a pole. It all worked fine until I hit a higher number of subscribers. Maybe it's the interference from too many subs or maybe it's the fact that a majority of my subs are locked into 1M air rate, or maybe its because the subs are NLOS, or maybe because of the F/B or side to side isolation. So what is my problems? High pings and timeouts. Only when traffic is high. Or maybe my 600k upload is maxed out and everything is stacking up. One thing I do know is I hooked up subs I shouldn't have.

I am looking for advice on antennas. Check out the ones I am using ans point me to 3 sectors that will perform good back to back, NLOS, and maybe a higher gain to grab a little more signal to get the 1M subs up to 11M.

Thanks all.

Brian Rohrbacher
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