He is using channel 1 / 6 / 11 - there will be no f/b issues if he is using Non-Overlapping channels.


On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 06:24 -0600, Pete Davis wrote:
"Back to backk on a pole" might be a problem. Are the antennas at least 
6' apart from each other? (horizontally or vertically?) Physical 
separation may not be an issue until the subscriber numbers go up, but 
it be a problem.

Pete Davis

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
> Here is what I use.
> http://www.demarctech.com/products/reliawave-antennas/2_4Ghz/DT-AN-24-120H-135.html 
> I have three mounted back to back on a pole.  It all worked fine until 
> I hit a higher number of subscribers.  Maybe it's the interference 
> from too many subs or maybe it's the fact that a majority of my subs 
> are locked into 1M air rate, or maybe its because the subs are NLOS, 
> or maybe because of the F/B or side to side isolation.  So what is my 
> problems?  High pings and timeouts.  Only when traffic is high.  Or 
> maybe my 600k upload is maxed out and everything is stacking up.  One 
> thing I do know is I hooked up subs I shouldn't have.
> I am looking for advice on antennas.  Check out the ones I am using 
> ans point me to 3 sectors that will perform good back to back, NLOS, 
> and maybe a higher gain to grab a little more signal to get the 1M 
> subs up to 11M.
> Thanks all.

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