What's with all the question marks on the spec sheet?

Brian, we see this more and more. Low traffic sites will do many things well because there just isn't any RF when there aren't many customers. So tests work very nicely....

Antennas are a HUGE part of what makes your network tick. Cheap ones will bite ya in the tail every time. ESPECIALLY when there are many others around.

The rule of thumb is that you should keep your antennas at least 10' apart. Alvarion did a test a few years back. On the same roof with the same ap's they used 3 or 4 different sectors. With the high end ones (read $$$$$$) they could get as close as 6' before the radios started to take a lot of errors. With the cheap ones they had to have 15 feet! Antennas were the only things changed. This test was done at a wisp but by the factory techs. I'll bet Patrick or Brad would remember more specifics.

If you aren't sure if that's the case you should just try moving one of the sectors as far away as you can get. If that helps, you know you are onto something.

I've been pulling out my $120 Maxrad sectors and putting in the $400 Maxrad ones. ALL 4 of the sites that have the cheaper ones do strange things. Reliability is wayyyyy below my other sites. Swapped the first one out the other day, we'll see how things go. The worst part of it is that they seem to affect the systems around them in a bad way too.

As an FYI, I do NOT buy antennas, from anyone, that are hard to weather seal. There's just no reason for those guys to give us anything that we have to fight with.

Going through trees etc. will cause all manner of strange things. The only way to really know if that's your problem vs. the other one is to shut two sectors down and see if that makes the one sector work better. If not, then you have an outside source of interference, too much nlos, too many customers for the system, bad antennas or something. If shutting the others down works, then you can be pretty sure you need to redesign the tower or replace a bad antenna or three.

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Here is what I use.

I have three mounted back to back on a pole. It all worked fine until I hit a higher number of subscribers. Maybe it's the interference from too many subs or maybe it's the fact that a majority of my subs are locked into 1M air rate, or maybe its because the subs are NLOS, or maybe because of the F/B or side to side isolation. So what is my problems? High pings and timeouts. Only when traffic is high. Or maybe my 600k upload is maxed out and everything is stacking up. One thing I do know is I hooked up subs I shouldn't have.

I am looking for advice on antennas. Check out the ones I am using ans point me to 3 sectors that will perform good back to back, NLOS, and maybe a higher gain to grab a little more signal to get the 1M subs up to 11M.

Thanks all.

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