Yeah, I got one back from RMA last week that had build 99 on it and it wouldn't link for anything. Tech guy didn't even know 99 was out. I held an 89r right next to it and it linked right up. I have to give credit to them though they shipped me a new unit the next business day.
Thumbs up to Tranzeo though on the 2.0.1 build for the tr-6000's and tr5-a's, big improvements.

Mac Dearman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

You better steer clear of any updates on those Tranzeo APs over build


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Mark Nash wrote:

> I've been using them for about a month now for a couple of smaller
> sectors. Had stability problems with the AP's that I was using (YDI
> AP-Plus w/Turbocell, operating as an 802.11b AP). I then installed
> Tranzeo AP's. I had issues with them not reconnecting to the AP when
> the AP was power-cycled. Updated firmware on AP's & clients. Been
> running stable for about a week. Now I have purchased another 10-pack.
> The AP's web interface really cleaned up & gave me client names on the
> station list with the latest firmware.
> I can't give you long-term statistics, nor can I answer your huge
> PPPoE question.
> Mark Nash
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> *From:* JohnnyO
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> *Subject:* [WISPA] Tranzeo CPQ Opinions
> We will be doing a large deployment of CPEs in the next 60-90days.
> I would like to hear all of the negatives or issues people are
> seeing with the Tranzeo CPQ line.
> A huge question I have is will it act as a PPPoE client ?
> Any and all comments are helpful, Thanks !
> JohnnyO
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