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The M2 is the cat's meow..... only caveat is they do not like freezing
rain/sleet. Detunes the elements and performance drops. Ron at
Lightspeed Wireless is selling plastic bags that fit over the
elements. Not a winning solution in my book. Yeah we bought some.

Other really good 900yagi's we have used are Ashtrons. We originally
used Cushcraft but  the thin pigtail sucks big time in my book, breaks
way too easy. We also have 50-75 Pac Wireless yagi's installed, but
depending on what element is used have seen them rust and get water in

We stick with the M2's and are looking for a real plastic cover that
would eliminate the water issue. For panels, the
Alvarion/MTI/Waverider work real well.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 10:29:50 PM, you wrote:

BR> Anyone closer to Michigan than California stock these?

BR> G.Villarini wrote:

>>Canopy has an N Male, we used yagis from here: www.m2inc.com
>>Gino A. Villarini, 
>>Aeronet Wireless Broadband Corp.
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>>Looking for a 900mhz Yagi.  What are good ones?  Preferably less than
>>$100 each.  I'd like to order tomorrow and from someone in the midwest
>>so I get it next day by shipping next day?  Does anything fit the bill?
>>Also, what connector does Canopy have?  I don't see it on the spec sheet.

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