After a few really trying days in the office, I've got our shiny new
billing system, with integrated RADIUS and possibly a toaster oven,
humming along. Now that I've got a fancy computer thingy to keep track of
customers, I'd like to automate and centralize a few more things in my

StarOS supports RADIUS for just about everything, and (at least in a small
trial of one AP, that's only serving one customer) I can get the AP to
allow/deny customers access based on their CPE MAC. That's the easy part

What would be really swell, though, would be if I could tie customers'
bandwidth allocations into this as well. Valemount's Web site does have a
(teensy) RADIUS dictionary, but the bandwidth attributes all have "PPPOE"
in the name, which at least implies that customer bandwidth can only be
set if they're using PPPOE.

I have no pressing desire to replace a few hundred CPEs and routers and
walk customers through installing PPPOE software and... well, you get the
idea. (Right now, we're primarily using MAC authentication and setting
customer bandwidth allocations by hand in each AP, but that means changes
have to be made at each tower, and having everything centralized would
just be spiffy, I think.)

So. Does anyone know whether I can set customer bandwidth allocations with
StarOS, without switching the whole network to PPPOE?

David Smith

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