Your sapose to do both ground outside before you get to the shelter port and inside to tie into the ground ring inside the shelter.
Your grounding should be every 75 to 100 feet of your cable run down the tower. So if you have 300 feet of cable run your going to have 3 grounds in your system TOP, MIDDLE, BOTTOM.  I usually see at least two TOP and BOTTOM, one at the ODU and one inside or sometimes outside if the grounding bar/ring is on the outside of the tower. Nothing really wrong with just two, but one every 75-100 feet is standard. 
It can be different from tower to tower depending on how the site was engineered and built. Example most ALtel sites have a ground bar at the port entery ( outside) to the shelter which ties into the main ground ring, on this site yes you would ground outside.  You still have to ground the equipment to the rack inside the shelter, but your surge supressor would go outside. Other sites you will have to ground inside because the site design has the bus bar ( ground bar ) inside just after the entery port. Both designs are very common. So to answer yes it does good to have a supressor inside its you last defence untill you get to the radio ( idu ) and then as long as its grounded to the rack and the rack is grounded to the ground ring inside the shelter it should be a well protected link but even then it isnt a garrenty that you are 100% safe. Lightning is a strange hazzarded to try to ward off. I am in Florida so I see just about everything as far as protect ion goes. And I can tell you right now that if your customer isnt a MAJOR carrier you site is probably not properly designed aganst lightning strikes so you need to bring them up to speed and properly ground the site or the customer is just asking for trouble. I work with a local WISP that had no Idea about grounding and I have had to redesign the ground rings on most of their sites. SO FYI it doesnt matter how much protection you put in if it isnt properly design inside and shelter and out your equipment will get fried everytime. 

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Does is really do any good to have the supressor inside of the enclosure grounded to everything inside ? I thought the suppressor was supposed to go straight to ground ?

Can someone clarify - I think we've been doing this wrong all of these years if this IS the proper way to do it .


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