FYI the moto price is for the light version of client, Limited to 512K throughput.



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What QTY is that pricing at? 100 Pack?


Mike Bushard, Jr

Wisper Wireless Solutions, LLC

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I was told $290 for 900 gear by trango and it might be out by the middle to end of April.


Double radius told me 212.50 for Moto 900 cpe available by the end of March.


Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Matt Larsen - Lists <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Tranzeo announced at EC-Expo that they will have a 900mhz CPE/AP
combination available sometime in the second quarter of 2006. They are
currently beta testing on their own systems in Canada right now. Didn't
hear a price quote, but knowing how efficient Tranzeo is, I'm guessing
it will be under $350 in 20 pack quantities.

FWIW, I heard several reports from different people that the SR9 miniPCI
900mhz card is vaporware, and it is going to be six months or more
before it will be readily available.

Matt Larsen

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

> Read the title of the thread, (hint, hint) :) Wishful thinking, but
> no. No 900mhz $150 CPE.
> Jeff Sullivan wrote:
>> Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
>>> but that sub $300 CPE that a Trango told me about last August never
>>> showed up. So I guess I move on....
>>> Brian
>> It did.. Only at $150!!!

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