That is what we do.  Get one client in a subdivision with a good link to our TurboCell or Netstream backbone and then put up a 802.11B Mesh ap for local (up to 3Mile) service...

Works ok, but I'd like to get to some 900MHz stuff that works for some subdivisions that are so tree infested that I can't even get into them with 2.4GHz.

The high cost of clients is not the only problem.  The requirement of 6 900MHz ap's to get 360 deg coverage is also a problem.  I can not justify 6 $1800 ap's so set up a new tower in the average area.

I understand that omnis may not work well on 900MHz.  but what about 120 or 180 deg sectors?

Kurt Fankhauser wrote:

Something needs to be done about this 900mhz pricing, at these prices I can justify setting up more 2.4ghz to get to these last mile customers.


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That is why I posted the request on 900MHz myself....

I am suprised that no distributors or manufactures has replied yet...

Dylan Bouterse wrote:

We are in the beginning stages of evaluating 900MHz for our wireless portfolio. I’m very interested to hear about implemented systems and what kind of max throughput and latency is expected. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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