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This list is made up of some of the best people you would want to 
collaborate with.


KyWiFi LLC wrote:
> I just joined the WISPA list this past week to see what it's
> all about. I don't know much about WISPA at this point
> so that's why I'm here. Is there a page somewhere on the
> WISPA web site that lists all members? I would be interested
> in seeing who are members. We are a member of KYISPA
> (Kentucky Association of ISP's) and several of the member
> ISP's are also deploying wireless but I haven't heard any of
> them mention WISPA. At our next monthly meeting, I plan
> on getting their input to see if any of them are members. I'm
> not a big fan of joining non-local organizations but WISPA
> looks like a good group to be associated with so that's why
> I'm giving it a look.
> Sincerely,
> Shannon D. Denniston, Co-Founder
> KyWiFi, LLC - Mt. Sterling, Kentucky
> Phone: 859.274.4033
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