My exact hardware config at each end is as follows:

RouterBoard 230
CM9 radio card
8" u.fl to N-female pigtail (hand selected by me)
5' LMR-400 jumper (hand made by me)
Hyperlink 27db grid

Software is Mikrotik 2.9.11.  Netstream mode with polling on.  5825MHz

Mikrotik bandwidth speed test reports 23.6Mb/s in TCP mode one way and 34.3Mb/s in UDP mode one way.

This is a test prior to deploying a 90deg 17db sector at one end. I will also be changing the radio cards to SR5's for further testing. Eventually, I will deploy four 90deg sectors there, but only two will be deployed in the next 30 days.

I intend to make this location the main feed into my network to replace my existing T-1 circuits that are scattered around my network, allowing higher burst speeds and better sharing of my total bandwidth. I will also replace many of my current 2.4GHz TurboCell backhauls with 5.8GHz Netstream backhauls, and as I have a non telco owned fiber available to me at this new location, I will be better placed when my current T-1 contracts expire. My existing circuit prices are good til April of 2007, but new circuit pricing went up 30% this year and I have been told to expect another 20% increase on top of that when I have to renew in 2007. :'(

When I set this up for initial testing, I got results that were 20db+ below expected link quality. After some testing, I determined that the SR5 cards I was using were part of the original batch that had problems. Replacing them with CM9's gave me results within 1db of the link calculator on the RF Linx page. My replacement SR5 cards got here last Friday, and now I am just waiting for good weather and light workload day to go setup the next test.

KyWiFi LLC wrote:


Where are you seeing the -62 reported? StarOS? Mikrotik?

According to my calcs, your link below is a perfect link. The
link calculator I use estimates your loss at each side to be 2dBm.

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I have an 8 mile link with CM9 cards (17db) and 27db grids. This link
has clear LoS.

I get -62 sig strength at each end....


Kurt Fankhauser wrote:

How much range can I expect to get with a 802.11a setup with 13db
radio’s and 24db panel antennas? The reason I am asking is because I
am thinking about using a pair of Tranzeo TR-5a-24f for a 5 mile link
but I am skeptical about the low power.

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