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Hi Matt,
Your questions on the Skyway 7000 & Trango Atlas would be answered by our Backhaul Bash Report (costs $3k)
or--you can go to WiNOG and see a presentation of the results live

WiNOG Austin, TX
March 13-15, 2006

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I have never used the Solectek equipment and am looking at either trying their Skyway 7101 or the Trango Atlas for some short building to building links.  I have seen enough favorable posts about the Atlas to know plenty of you are using it successfully – although I sure wish I could get one of their sales folks to return a phone call.  Leave a message about buying 250 CPEs and no one calls back....  Anyway J


I would like to get opinions on the Skyway 7000.  This would be for very short <.5 mile links between buildings.  We would normally use Terabeam/Proxim systems but are looking for alternatives with similar capabilities and 20-40% lower cost.  Any info/opinions on reliability and real world throughput would be great.





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