Multiple of RPU is still how Ive seen deals evaluated, past and present.
The thinking on the part of the buyer is "I can buy you for X multiple
of sales today. Yes- I can achieve economies of scale, yes I might be
able to sell more services and crank up the revenue.  But- those future
activities occur on my dime, not yours Mr. Seller, so all that value
should go to me.  Ill take the future risk and Ill get the rewards. You
get rewarded for your past performance to date".  You always need to
protect yourself and be ready to leave the dance when the right date
comes along. In the late 90's there were a lot of deals happening for
dial-up shops, some good, some bad.  The ones I saw were solid cash out
deals.  The squirrelly ones I saw were generally the deals that involved
some future potential.


Wrong. Thats old school.  Evaluation is a direct multiple of the ARPU
the buyer can acheive because they bought your netowrk. Consider their
ability to gain revenue at a quicker rate, based on the unique benefit
combining the buyers and sellers assets. The way of increasing revenue
irrelevent. Consildation... Time to Market... illiminating a competitor 
allowing for higher prices, Throwing money and a marketing engine onto a

network built out to serve that previously had little money to market

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