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Dustin Jurman wrote:

> Hey Matt,
> It would be nice to see this in a word document or Text based so one 
> could add comments to your work. 
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> Attached is a quick rundown of basic mesh theory that I put together 
> in light of the recent thread. It hasn't been peer reviewed or edited, 
> which I would normally do before sharing publicly. But since I only 
> wrote because of a thread on this list I figured I would just share 
> it. Feel free to pick it apart.
> I do want to point out a couple of things though. First, this was 
> written in a generic way only covering mesh as a theory. As written it 
> can be applied to various transport technologies from fiber to 
> wireless; though I do provide an example using wireless P2P links. 
> Applying mesh theory to wireless P2MP or ad-hoc networks would require 
> special coverage.
> -Matt

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