Wouldn't think of leavin' - it's good to be back in touch again.


John Scrivner wrote:

WOW! Boggs is here! And Victoria! and Jack Unger! What happened? I went to Argentina and you guys all came to WISPA to hang out? I guess I need to run off to the other side of the planet more often. Now don't leave just cause I am back OK!
Welcome gang. Glad to see all of you.

Roger Boggs wrote:

Thanks Tom - and all others.  Good to hear from all the old names/faces.

I've learned more about copper cable crimpers here in the last two days than I have
from any other wireLESS list I've been on in the last two years!!!!!


At 11:22 AM 2/23/2006, you wrote:

Its always good to hear a chime in from one of the original early guys in the game, now and then.
Lots of stuff happening here in WISP land.

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