This is great news.  In looking at some info about the bills, I am wondering if want to ask for some of the whitespace to be made quasi-licensed, not unlicensed.  I would love to have some channels that I know will not be used by anyone within 50 miles of where I use them.  Not sure what it needs to be, but I would like some assurance that there will not be SOHO routers, etc. on every available channel.

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> Thank you, all of you, who worked with WISPA to get those comments on
> the 04-186 issue. We all owe a special thanks to our new friend Frannie
> Wellings at Free Press also. She has been absolutely key in helping make
> this issue appear on the legislative radar. The dream may actually come
> true here guys. Please read this in its entirety. I will likely be
> calling on you again soon as this issue gains steam.
> Kindest regards,
> John Scrivner
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> Subject:     Great news! We now have two unlicensed bills in the senate.
> Date:     Tue, 21 Feb 2006 15:48:36 -0500
> From:     Frannie Wellings <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> To:     John Scrivner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hi John,
> We've had some positive developments in the Senate and I thought you and
> all of the wonderful folks from the WISP community who called and
> e-mailed their senators would want to know.
> On Friday, February 17th, two bills were introduced in the Senate that
> would help to open the white spaces. Both bills direct the Federal
> Communications Commission to move quickly to free-up the empty broadcast
> channels for unlicensed use so that they can be used for wireless broadband.
> Senators George Allen (R-VA), John Kerry (D-MA), John Sununu (R-NH) and
> Barbara Boxer (D-CA) introduced a bi-partisan bill entitled the Wireless
> Innovation Act of 2006 (WINN Act). Senate Commerce Committee Chairman
> Ted Stevens (R-AK) introduced the American Broadband for Communities Act
> (ABC Act).
> The two bills are very similar and ideally the Senators will join
> together behind one bill. We're so lucky to have five senators taking
> action here and expect more to sign on. This is really an important step
> and the input from the WISP community has been remarkably valuable.  
> Please thank everyone who took the time to get involved.  They should be
> encouraged that their calls matter and they really should know that
> their comments in the 04-186 docket are really key.  I'm so glad that so
> many WISPs submitted comments.
> I might be coming back to you soon asking for the WISPs to call their
> senators in support of unlicensed spectrum as we see what happens with
> the two bills.  Hopefully they will join into one bill then we have to
> get that bill passed in the Commerce Committee and then the full Senate.
> Thanks again for all of your help.
> Best,
> Frannie
> P.S. - Here are some statements from the Senators...
> Senator Kerry has been an important leader on this issue, working hard
> to introduce legislation to open the white spaces. He said of the
> legislation, "Instead of just talking about it, we need to make
> affordable broadband a reality everywhere.... Making this technology
> available in all corners of our country is good for our families,
> demonstrates the spirit of American innovation and promotes our success
> in the global economy."
> Senator Allen said of the WINN Act, "This legislation will enable
> entrepreneurs to provide affordable, competitive high-speed wireless
> broadband services in areas that otherwise have no connectivity to
> broadband Internet."
> Senator Stevens, the chairman of the key committee, stated: "Allowing
> unlicensed operations in the broadcast band could play a significant
> role in bringing wireless broadband and home networking to more of our
> citizens by lowering costs, particularly in Alaska where connectivity is
> so important due to our remoteness."
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