so what is the link to the form?
I've seen links to instructions, and descriptions in the fcc website.
Maybe my browser is hiding the actual form.


Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

Thanks Kris!

For those that don't know him, Kris is a telecom attorney who's been a HUGE friend to the WISP industry.

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Yes, WISPs must fill out Form 477. Here is the link to the instructions for
the form:
In that form, the relevant part is below. And as an aside, sheesh, everybody
should try to be a little nicer to each other. And that's coming from a
lawyer even...

. Facilities-based Providers of Broadband Connections to End User Locations:
Entities that are facilities-based providers of broadband connections -
which, for purposes of this information collection, are wired "lines" or
wireless "channels" that enable the end user to receive information from
and/or send information to the Internet at information transfer rates
exceeding 200 kbps in at least one direction - must complete and file the applicable portions of this form for each state in which the entity provides
one or more such connections to end user locations.

For the purposes of Form 477, an entity is a "facilities-based" provider of broadband connections to end user locations if it owns the portion of the physical facility that terminates at the end user location, if it obtains
unbundled network elements (UNEs), special access lines, or other leased
facilities that terminate at the end user location and provisions/equips
them as broadband, or if it provisions/equips a broadband wireless channel to the end user location over licensed or unlicensed spectrum. Such entities
include incumbent and competitive local exchange carriers (LECs), cable
system operators, fixed wireless service providers (including "wireless
ISPs"), terrestrial and satellite mobile wireless service providers, MMDS
providers, electric utilities, municipalities, and other entities. (Such
entities do not include equipment suppliers unless the equipment supplier uses the equipment to provision a broadband connection that it offers to the
public for sale. Such entities also do not include providers of fixed
wireless services (e.g., "Wi-Fi" and other wireless ethernet,or wireless
local area network, applications) that only enable local distribution and sharing of a premises broadband facility.) For such entities, the applicable
portions of the form are: 1) the Cover Page; 2) Part I; 3) Part IV (if
necessary); and the relevant portion(s) of Part V.

Kristopher E. Twomey
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It was 400 wisps last I heard.

You HAVE to fill it out.  Doesn't do anything for you to not fill it out

On this note. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the 477 folks
today (we're working with them on a solution for those that don't have

It turns out it's not unusual for third parties to file for you. You just have to sign a form saying that the info from the other party is accurate.
Many small telcos have consultants or lawyers do it for them.

Having said that, we'll send them in for anyone that doesn't want to take the time/can't figure it out/doesn't have the needed software. I'll have my

gals ding your cc for $25 to cover their time.

I think this is something that wispa could also do for folks. Anyone want to volunteer their time for this? I can help you figure out how to fill out

the forms for others. It'll take a bit the first time or two but after that

it shouldn't be too hard.



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