The faster it becomes a "fundamental human right" the faster we migrate from being entrepreneurs, and start becoming the same level as water workers, sewer workers, trash pickup, postal workers, and whatever. The more the government gets involved with something, the worse it gets. When the bureaucrats get to making things like this a required service (which they inevitably will in our lifetimes) then there will be no difference than a utility or postal service, with prices capped and profitability extinguished. Another thing that will take us this direction will be the mass consolidation similar to the 250 phone companies that all became AT&T in the first part of the 1900's. They all were either bought up or squashed by the competition. Maybe we won't all end up like that. Hard to say.

Pete Davis

chris cooper wrote:
Not to shoot myself in the foot here, but a "fundamental human right"?
That's just grandstanding.  Take a hit from the reality pipe- people are
homeless, people starve to death right here in the good ole USA.  The
list could go on and on about folks whose basic needs and rights are not
being met.  Im with Tom- many people just aren't willing to pay what the
service costs. I wish they were though.....


"Broadband is a fundamental civil right and human right," Bill de
a city council member, said during the session on Wednesday.

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