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The only exception to this is the FREE Net / Muni Net. Big ventures need big companies and big pockets. MOst likely that problem will take care of itself. First, consumers hate marketing and SPAM. Do you think they are going to embrase the solution that guarantees they are going to get spammed and chewed their productivity and bandwdith up with advertising crap? The false promise designs, are going to piss off the consumers. I think it jsut won;lt succeed enough to be a threat. The best part is the new 5.4Ghz spectrum allocated. It will allow a HUGE larger amount of options to co-exist with Muni nets and other ISPs.

I agree strongly with your post, with the possible long-term coexistence with muni-nets. I see a problem fundamentally with municipally and federally funded/managed broadband projects with virtually unlimited budgets and manpower. It reduces broadband to a utility that EVERYONE "needs" and the government has to give you as an entitlement. Think that's not bad for the entrepreneurs? Try starting a water company that competes with the city's water system. Or a power company. Or a 1st class mail delivery service. I don't think I can get $12/hr union workers to hand-deliver mail to houses for $0.39/letter and make a profit. Once those services are established as "we gotta have it" type services, and the government starts to provide it (even though they charge for them) there is NO room for competition in most of those areas. The prices for postage, electricity, and water delivery are all pretty much set by the providers. If most cities delivered broadband the way they do water, electricity and mail, the prices would be too low for any of us to compete on any real scale, and the WISP startup wouldn't exist, since the government's pockets are too deep, and they have NEVER needed to make a profit. Those of us who started these things started because of a NEED. If someone took away that need before we got here, I wouldn't have started here, and wouldn't be operating a WISP today. Are my days as an individual small wisp numbered? Yes. I am sure. The government and/or a monopolistic telco will eventually fill the gap that I am bridging right now. Hopefully AFTER I have the chance to fund a retirement, college for the kids, and maybe pay for a house to die in. Cashing out selling the business is a nice idea, and hopefully some greedy SOB will buy my business for enough money to make me go away, but thats been my exit strategy from day one, I think.
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