The novelty of 
it all (being a WISP) tends to wear off after about 5 years, eventually
becomes about the money.

It should always be about the money.  You have to think about your
business as a separate being.  You do whatever you need to make that
critter grow and be healthy. Your first goal is to stay in business.
Your second goal should be returning shareholder value, even if you are
the only shareholder. You've taken risk, either with your own or someone
else's money.  The investor should receive a return on that investment
well above market rates to reflect the level of risk. As Tom has said
here before, we are in the sales business. Wireless is the service we
are selling. Don't get too caught up in the me vs. the big guys
argument.  Don't fall in love with the technology. Make your business
healthy, show strong ROI and when the time is right, make the right
move. Sooner or later the bigger operators will come along just because
their model holds up better than an independent operator.  They can
achieve great economies of scale, have wider reach and deeper pockets to
invest in people, marketing and technology.  Why bang your head against
the wall trying to figure out how to beat them when it is much more
productive spending that time making yourself so invaluable that they
have to take you out to get what you have.  If you examine the trends in
various communications technologies over the last 30 years- paging,
cellular, dial-up IP- they have all followed consolidation models.  The
small operator got in first, got a license where needed, hammered out a
territory and started adding customers.  Eventually, someone wanted
those customers and that territory.  For the operators that understood
the timing and opportunity equation there was money on the table.
Eventually the big operators buy enough territory and market share. Then
they can settle down to the business of getting more $$ out of this
larger customer base.  When this happens the deal making can cool off
pretty quickly.  If you are still in the game at this point your
valuation can decline rapidly. Always leave the dance while you are
still having fun.


I think what you are going to find is that the big WISP isn't going to
able to come to town and bully everybody. Instead, they are going to
have to 
fork over the cash or not be competitive and secure themselves.

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