Did anyone else see this yet?  If you watch it now, things don't start till about 15 or 16 minutes into the stream (at least that was the case last night).
I don't know about you guys, but *I'm* VERY impressed with Ben Scott from Free Press!  He certainly seems to think along our lines.  And he's very well spoken too.
Anyway, a few things caught my attention.
One was a Senator that said that there should only be one entity getting USF funds in a given area.  Wha?????
Another was that USF needs to be expanded to cover broadband.
It was mentioned that the unused TV bands should go unlicensed (by a senator no less!!!!).
Here's the biggest kicker though.  They said over and over that USF has to change.  And will change.  They are looking for ideas on how to collect and distribute the funds better.  It needs to cover communications not just telephone.  Communications includes broadband (us, sat., cable, etc.).
I think that the WISP industry needs to jump on this while the iron is hot.  We have two opportunities here as I see it.  One is to get more spectrum (hopefully with usable rules) and the other is to get the same subsidies as the telcos get today in rural markets.
Please watch the video (actual viewing time of about 1.5 hours and most of it is enlightening or funny).  Then lets start talking about these issues.
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