Hi all,

Two separate issues here:

First, what's the current industry favorite for a bandwidth shaper,
primarily for a hotspot?  All kinds of stuff out there.  Basically looking
for something that can rate limit down to 256kbps based on username, IP
address, OR Mac address.  Something that will also limit down based on
protocol (P2P apps primarily of course) as well.

Also, have a client that wants us to be able to provide 24x7 support /
99.99% SLA level service on a 1.5meg wireless connection and is the
"backbone" for the above hotspot.  I'm a small shop and don't have the
personnel to do this.  Does anyone have any recommendations first off on
outsourcing overnight tech support, and second, what to charge for something
like this?  I'm in a rural area where a PtP T1 (wired) runs around $1200 per
month with this kind of SLA.  1.5meg ADSL is only other non-wireless
competition here, and no SLA on the DSL of course.

I would appreciate thoughts on both of the above.

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